History of Snooker

Snooker appeared in the second half of the XIX century. Also known, that snooker was invented by Englishman, the military colonel of the English army. His name was Sir Neville Chamberlain. He changed the well-known game "Life Pool" in 1875. The new game was based on "Life Pool", but sir Nevill Chamberlain added few colored balls and changed rules of the game. Also known, that "Snooker" originally was an insult for the beginning players. Subsequently the British officer extended snooker in India. The rules of the snooker are appeared in India in 1882.

The legendary British champion John Roberts learned rules of snooker from Colonel Chamberlain during visit to India in 1885. After returning to England, he presented snooker for the colleagues. Since then, snooker is the most popular billiard game in Great Britain. But officially game and its rules have been recognized by association of billiards only in 1900.

Joe Davis

Joe Davis made a big contribution to development and promoting of Snooker. He early learned about billiards. His father owned a tavern where there was a billiard table. Davies won the first title, having won in the Championship of Chesterfield. Then he was only 13 years old. Subsequently Joe earned money, beating nothing the suspecting visitors on a billiard table. Joe Davis became the professional billiard-player when he was 18 years old. Davis won the first champion title in 1928 and then defended him for 3 more years. He was fond of Snooker in 1927, was among organizers of the first World Championship and became the owner of a Champion Title. He repeated the success in all subsequent championships till 1940. After World War II he managed to win again.

In the middle of the 20th century he three times won in the prestigious championship "News off the World". The first official registered maximum break recorded in 1955. Joe Davis became his author. He finished the career in 1964. Certainly, Joe Davis is a legend of Snooker. The younger brother of Davis, Fred, 8 times won a World Champion title during 1950-1960. The end of the 1950th years was not the most successful time for Snooker. At this time interest in game dies away a little and during 1958-1963 the World Championship isn't held.

In the 1960th years emergence of color television became one of the main reasons of return of popularity of game. The BBC announces to begin broadcasting television programmes in colour. The company needed to show new opportunities of color television and Snooker approached for this purpose. The new format developed for a tournament. Weekly matches were played, they consisted of only one frame. The most great players participated. The tournament received the new name "Pot Black". Broadcastings of the "Pot Black" promoted prompt increase in popularity of Snooker.

1960th years are inextricably associated with the name of John Pullman. Pullman won the first Champion Title in 1957. The next World Championship was held only in 1964, which again starred John Pullman. He won all subsequent tournaments till 1969. In 1969 John Pullman lost to the Welsh player to Ray Reardon who became a legend of the British Snooker subsequently. Ray Reardon born in Monmouth County. Since 14 years he worked at the mine. The accident, which occurred at the mine, forced out him to serve in police.

Ray Reardon

At first he did not attach much importance Snooker until it made significant progress. The victory in the Championship of England among fans in 1964 became one of such progress. Then Reardon became a professional player. Participation in 1969 World Championship was the debut. And the victory on this tournament was of great importance. After that other victories have followed. For example, the victory in the tournament "Pot Black", which made him famous. This victory was only the beginning of a brilliant career. In the 70th years Riardon of 6 times won a world champion title. Last time he succeeded in 1978, when he was 45 years old. This is the oldest winner and today. Since 1976, after the introduction of the rating system Reardon was named the best snooker player the world and kept it for themselves before 1981. In 1982 he returned himself world number one, having won on a tournament Gran Pri. After a career of professional player Ray Reardon did not leave Snooker and took up coaching. In 2004 he worked with Ronnie O'Sullivan, who 5 times World Champion now.

John Spencer in the 1970th years becomes the winner of the World Championship three times and 3 times won at the "Pot Black" tournament. Also Spencer first winner of a tournament Masters. Today Masters is included into the three of the most prestigious tournaments with one of the largest prize funds.

The next decade is connected with the further growth of popularity of Snooker. So, in 1985 more than 18 million British watched the final of the World Championship, in which Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor played. The 90th years in Snooker are time of the greatest player Stephen Hendri. Many records belongs to Stephen Hendry, who is unlikely to be upgraded in the coming years, possibly ever. He became the youngest World Champion. Then he was only 21 years old. For the richest career Hendri 7 times won a Champion Title of the World and in total, for 9 years was world number one.

Ronnie O'Sullivan

Presently Snooker considerably increased the popularity in the Asian countries, especially in China. Ding Junhui is the award-winning and well-known Chinese Snooker player. The most talented and famous snooker players of the United Kingdom: Ronnie O'Sullivan, Stephen Maguire, Shaun Murphy, Mark Selby, John Higgins, Judd Trump.

Crowd favorite Ronnie O'Sullivan won five times at the World Championships in 2001, 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2013 year. He became interested snooker from a young age, turned pro at age 16. And after just a few months he achieved a victory at the UK Championship.

In 1993 Ronnie won qualification to the World Championship therefore he became the youngest player, achieved such result. Ronnie won the first victory at the World Championship in 2001; he begun the next season in the rank of the best player in the world. He possesses a world record of speed of performance of the maximum break. Ronnie O'Sallivan extraordinary personality. His career was not only achieve, but also scandals. For example, in 1996 he beaten the press-attache of the World association of professional billiards and Snooker. He was deprived of the title of the winner of the "Masters", because of the use of drugs.

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