World Snooker ranking is not much different from the rating in other sports. In general, this is a method of ranking professional snooker players. Those players who are at the top of the rankings, as a rule, immediately placed in the final part of various competitions. But the players with a low rating are required to take place in the final round of the tournament through qualification. Thus, the higher-ranked player is of great importance and is considered to be more powerful.

However, scoring in the ranking snooker this is not easy and can put a screeching halt even the most ardent fans of the game. List of tournaments, for participation in which points are added (rated tournaments) are not always permanent. Points for participating in the tournament and it rounds also varies from year to year. Names of tournaments are also changing. As a rule, it all depends on the company sponsored the competition.

The rating system was introduced in order to determine the seeded players at the World Championship. This happened in 1976. The original version of the calculation only takes into account the results shown players rated over the past three years at the World Championships. Points are awarded according to the following system: five points for a win at the world championships, four - for the finals, three points for the semi-finals, two - for participation in the quarterfinals and one point awarded players who have passed the 1/8 finals. World Number One was Ray Reardon. He won the world title three consecutive years. At that time he had 15 rating points.

This system was used until the end of the season 1982 - 1983 years. But due to the increase in the number of the tournament, it was decided to count the results of all competitions. After a few years in the ranking calculation came in performances at tournaments «Grand Prix» (earlier «Professional Players tournament»), «UK Championship» and «British Open», «Lada Classic» and «Jameson International».

The system of counting of points continued to change nearly every year, also tournaments on the basis of which the rating paid off changed.

World Championship is the only tournament where points are doubled. At the «UK Championship» points is calculated as more than a normal tournament - by 1,5 times. This applies only to professional players who participate in the Main Tour.

Statistics on December 19, 2016
World ranking
Updated after the Scottish Open
є Name Sum
1 994942
2 517012
3 484892
4 463166
5 446767
6 444925
7 371291
8 323375
9 306800
10 300592
china Liang Wenbo
12 271025
13 267583
14 256825
15 247975
welsh Kyren Wilson
17 216008
scotland Anthony McGill
19 187059
20 185417
21 176550
22 174225
welsh Michael White
welsh Ryan Day
25 158917
belgium Luca Brecel
england Ben Woollaston
28 146017
england Matthew Selt
30 131475
31 128108
england Robert Milkins
PTC Ranking 2015-2016
є Name Sum
1 26625
2 25275
3 23175
4 22200
4 22200
6 20550