Semifinals Scottish Open 2016

Scottish Open 2016


Judd Trump (5-6) John Higgins
132(132)-0, 76(70)-(56)56, 49-(88)88, 126(126)-1, 99(99)-0, 132(112)-0, 5-(110)111, 0-(52)75, 0-78, 1-(52)113, 39-(68)68

Yu Delu (1-6) Marco Fu
42-69, 10-(72)77, 13-(73)98, 69-46, 20-(100)108, 1-(130)130, 0-(87)87

All results, the tournament table and statistics Scottish Open 2016 available here.

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Other news from tournament:
Marco Fu winner the Scottish Open 2016.
Today matches of 1/4 final of Scottish Open to be played.
Today, matches of 1/16 and 1/8 finals will be played in Glasgow.
Today the second round matches will be played in Glasgow.
Today, the remaining games of the first round will be held.

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